Xoopar and INÉ

Born from the partnership between INÉ x FR-BG, The Wallet is a unique card holder with a built-in powerbank to keep your phone juiced up.

Their shared vision to developp sustainable products is a starting point to a long-term partnership to provide new products with the least possible impact on the environment.

With their know-how, «INÉ x FR-BG - The Wallet» inherited the environmental friendly recycled leather with 60% natural leather fibers, 30% natural Hevea & 10% synthetic coloring in a must-have high quality sleek and fashionable design accessory.

Because the environment is a priority for the brand, the packaging is made with certified FSC paper and includes 3 cables made of recycled bottles (RPET).

INÉxFR-BG is not only a line of new products, but it is also a pioneering new product concept and the world's most advanced wallet.

Having no compare, INÉxFR-BG is one of these products you did not know you badly needed until you see it!


INÉ - xpected!

You were dreaming of traveling ultra-light,
Xoopar invented the missing link you needed!


INÉ collection was imagined to elegantly fix a simple issue born from our modern mobile lifestyle.

INÉ's concept was born as a technical challenge: providing a full additional day of charge to a modern smartphone with the weight and dimension of the adopted wallet or credit card holder people are used to carry around (and of course, be also the most elegant credit card wallet!)

Adopting Iné is a massive game-changer, providing the comfort of the indispensable wallet and power bank into a single, but a chic product that still looks and weights like your usual wallet.

INÉ is your shortcut to the essentials you need.

INÉ 360

Wallet and charger all-in-one
INÉ - ssential!


INÉ démonstration
INÉ démonstration bas
INÉ démonstration haut

With INÉ, you retain the possibility to go even slimmer with a patented sliding mechanism.  
an INÉ - sanely Great Wallet!

INÉ charger

An ultra-thin wallet with 3,000mAh that will find its way into any pocket

Sliding bar
INÉ sliding bar

An option to go even thinner by separating the battery side from the credit cards holder

Neat layout
INÉ neat layout

Keep your essential driver license, ID, mass transit card,
credit card,or your Titanium Apple Card handy.

Safety first
INÉ safe

All 4 credit card slots are lined up with RFID ultra-thin foil to protect you from remote thieves

INÉ cable

A compact braided cable looped to your keychain so
you never question where you left it.
Cables for both Android and iPhone are shipping in the box

INÉ packaging

INÉ has multiple colors !

icone ultra-thin
icone sliding
icone neat
icone safe

INÉ is like you : priceless


Choose the best color version is right for you

Available in recycled leather, your Iné will come in FSC certified recycled paper box with 3 UBS cable (Lightning, Micro USB and USB-C).

Iné The Wallet Recycled Leather

Color : Anthracite Black

Price : 69,90 €
INÉ The Wallet Recycled Leather Anthracite Black
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Iné The Wallet Recycled Leather

Color : Navy Blue

Price : 69,90 €
INÉ The Wallet Recycled Leather Navy Blue
logo cuir logo cuir logo cuir
Iné The Wallet Recycled Leather

Color : Pearl grey

Price : 69,90 €
INÉ The Wallet Recycled Leather Pearl grey
logo cuir logo cuir logo cuir
Iné The Wallet Recycled Leather

Color : Powder Pink

Price : 69,90 €
INÉ The Wallet Recycled Leather Powder Pink
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